Information about vegetation

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Phanerogamic communities

Zonal and intrazonal vegetation

A - Vegetation of the arctic zone

B - Vegetation of the boreal zone

C - Vegetation of the nemoral forest zone

D - Vegetation of the steppe zone

E - Vegetation of the continental desert zone

F - Vegetation of the mediterranean zone

G - Vegetation of the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores

Azonal vegetation

H - Alluvial forests and scrub

I - Swamp forests and scrub

J - Vegetation of coastal cliffs and dunes

K - Vegetation of rock crevices and screes

L - Vegetation of arctic-alpine vegetation of snow-rich habitats

M - Vegetation of saline and brackish waters and swamps

N - Freshwater aquatic vegetation

O - Vegetation of freshwater springs, shorelines and swamps

P - Vegetation of bogs and fens

Q - Anthropogenic vegetation

Moss & Lichen communities

R – Epigaeic bryophyte and lichen vegetation

S – Epilithic bryophyte and lichen vegetation

T – Bryophyte and lichen vegetation on bark, wood, leaves, and shaded boulders and base-rich cliff bases

Algal communities

U – Vegetation of freshwater algae

V – Vegetation of soil algae

W – Aerophytic algal vegetation

X – Vegetation of snow and ice algae

Y – Vegetation of marine algae

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