About FloraVeg.EU

FloraVeg.EU is an online database of European vegetation and flora data prepared in various projects of the Vegetation Science Group, Department of Botany and Zoology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, and the European Vegetation Survey Working Group of the International Association for Vegetation Science. It uses the Pladias database platform developed in collaboration with the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The Vegetation part of the database presents the current version of the phytosociological (syntaxonomic) classification of European vegetation managed by the European Vegetation Classification Committee (EVCC). It is based on EuroVegChecklist (Mucina et al. 2016, Applied Vegetation Science) and contains updates approved by the EVCC. The classification includes three hierarchical classification levels: class, order and alliance. Data on structure, ecology and biogeography, distribution maps (Preislerová et al. 2022, Applied Vegetation Science) and photographs are provided for individual vegetation types.

The Habitat part of the database presents the terrestrial part of the EUNIS Habitat Classification managed by the European Environment Agency and elaborated by the IAVS Working Group European Vegetation Survey (Chytrý et al. 2020, Applied Vegetation Science). It includes three hierarchical levels. Brief descriptions, characteristic species combinations, distribution maps and links to phytosociological alliances are provided for individual habitat types.

The Flora part of the database focuses on native and naturalized flora occurring in Europe. Cultivated plants are not within the scope of the database, although the most commonly cultivated crops and woody plants are included. Taxon concepts and nomenclature largely follow the Euro+Med PlantBase. Species are characterized by their biological traits, origin, ecological indicator values and their occurrence in habitat and vegetation types.

When using data from the FloraVeg.EU portal, the source should be cited as “Database of European Vegetation, Habitats and Flora, www.floraveg.eu”. When using specific datasets, the original sources given in the FloraVeg.EU database should be cited. When using images of vegetation types from this website, the author of the image and the source FloraVeg.EU should be credited.

The FloraVeg.EU database and this online portal were created within the EXPRO project no. 19-28491X funded by the Czech Science Foundation. The creation of the datasets of species indicator values and plant dispersal was funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (SS70010002) through the 2019–2020 BiodivERsA joint call for research proposals, under the BiodivClim ERA-Net COFUND program (project FeedBaCks).

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