Order ME01 (THE-01)

Thero-Salicornietalia Pignatti 1952

Pioneer vegetation of annual succulent halophytes of tidal mud flats and edges of the irregularly flooded saline inland waters of the Mediterranean, and temperate, boreal and subarctic Europe

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Accepted name

Thero-Salicornietalia Pignatti 1952

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Therosalicornietalia Pignatti 1952



the02 | The order 'Therosalicornietalia' was validly published in Pignatti (1952b). In this publication, the order contains two validly published alliances. One of the alliances is the 'Therosalicornion' with one validly published association, the Halopeplidetum amplexicaulis. A direct reference to the valid protologue of the Halopeplidetum amplexicaulis described by Burollet (1927), was made by Pignatti (1952b: 85). Since Pignatti (1952b) also cited Braun-Blanquet (1933), it is clear that his 'Therosalicornion' refers actually to the 'Thero-Salicornion' of Braun-Blanquet (1933). Here we designate the Thero-Salicornion Br.-Bl. 1933 as the lectotypus of the Thero-Salicornietalia Pignatti 1952. (LM) Rivas-Martínez et al. (2001) proposed the ‘Thero-Salicornietalia Pignatti 1953’ as a nomen ambiguum (ICPN art. 36) and to use the name Thero-Suaedetalia Br.-Bl. et Bolòs 1958 instead. (JPT).


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