Class SC (VMA)

Verrucarietea maurae Drehwald 1993

Coastal rock lichen communities of the eulittoral to mid-supralittoral zones

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Diagnostic taxa

Lichens: Caloplaca communis, Caloplaca marina, Caloplaca maritima, Caloplaca microthallina, Caloplaca nigromarina, Caloplaca thallincola, Collemopsidium elegans, Collemopsidium halodytes, Collemopsidium sublitorale, Halecania laevis, Halecania ralfsii, Hydropunctaria adriatica, Hydropunctaria amphibia, Hydropunctaria aractina, Hydropunctaria erichsenii, Hydropunctaria maura, Hydropunctaria oceanica, Hydropunctaria orae, Lecanora actophila, Lecanora helicopis, Lecanora salina, Lichina confinis, Lichina pygmaea, Verrucaria degelii, Verrucaria ditmarsica, Verrucaria halophila, Verrucaria sandstedei, Verrucula hladuniana, Verrucula maritimaria, Wahlenbergiella mucosa, Wahlenbergiella striatula
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