Class TG (LCA)

Leprarietea candelaris Wirth 1980

Ombrophobic lichen communities on rough bark or wood

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Diagnostic taxa

Lichens: Arthonia leucopellaea, Bactrospora corticola, Bactrospora dryina, Calicium adspersum, Calicium glaucellum, Calicium quercinum, Calicium salicinum, Calicium viride, Dendrographa decolorans, Chaenotheca brachypoda, Chaenotheca ferruginea, Chaenotheca furfuracea, Chaenotheca gracilenta, Chaenotheca hispidula, Chaenotheca chrysocephala, Chaenotheca laevigata, Chaenotheca stemonea, Chaenotheca trichialis, Chrysothrix candelaris, Inoderma byssacea, Lecanactis abietina, Lecanographa amylacea, Lecanographa lyncea, Opegrapha vermicellifera, Pachnolepia pruinata, Schismatomma pericleum
Fungi: Chaenothecopsis pusilla, Chaenothecopsis rubescens
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