Class BA (PIC)

Vaccinio-Piceetea Br.-Bl. in Br.-Bl. et al. 1939

Holarctic coniferous and boreo-subarctic birch forests on oligotrophic and leached soils in the boreal zone and at high-altitudes of mountains in the nemoral zone of Eurasia

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Accepted name

Vaccinio-Piceetea Br.-Bl. in Br.-Bl. et al. 1939

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Vaccinio-Piceetea Br.-Bl. in Br.-Bl. et al. 1939



pic01 | The class in this syntaxonomic circumscription, includes also the wooded bogs classified by some (e.g. Stortelder et al. 1999; Berg et al. 2004) within the Vaccinio uliginosi-Pinetea Passarge 1968. (LM) The placement of the wooded bogs within the Vaccinio-Piceetea is justified because they often occur on a thin layer of peat with trees rooted in the mineral soil. The species composition also comprises many species of typical boreal coniferous forests. (MC) The Vaccinio uliginosi-Pinetea does not have its own character species, and the physiognomic differences from the Vaccinio-Piceetea are small. These are bogs with only scattered or low-grown trees with undergrowth that does not differ from the Oxycocco-Sphagnetea. (MH) The classification of this vegetation within the Vaccinio-Piceetea should be seen as a compromise. (LM) For the nomenclature related to the name see Willner et al. (2015b). (WW, LM, JPT).


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