Order JC03 (CAK-03)

Thero-Atriplicetalia Pignatti 1953

Pioneer halo-nitrophilous strandline vegetation of the Cantabro-Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coasts

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Accepted name

Thero-Atriplicetalia Pignatti 1953

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Thero-Atriplicetalia Pignatti 1953



cak07 | The Thero-Atriplicetalia (Pignatti 1953: 69) is validly published because the holotypus of the order, the Thero-Atriplicion Pignatti 1953 (syntaxonomic synonym of the older Euphorbion peplidis Tx. ex Oberd. 1952) was validly published. (LM).


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