Order AE01 (COC-01)

Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia groenlandicae Hadač 1989

Vegetation of open grassy tundra disturbed by zoo-anthropogenic activities and cryoturbation in Svalbard and Greenland

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Accepted name

Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia groenlandicae Hadač 1989

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia groenlandicae Hadač 1989



coc02 | Theurillat & Moravec (1992) suggested that the name Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia (Hadač 1989) was invalidly published (ICPN art. 8), because the character species given by Hadač (l.c.) were indicated provisionally. However, the formulation used by Hadač "The association, alliance and order may be characterized by Puccinellia angustata and Cochleariopsis groenlandica…" has to be considered as a literary form, and hence not as a provisional indication. In that case the art. 8 would not apply, and the name Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia should be considered as validly published by Hadač (1989). A preliminary syntaxonomic analysis (Ermakov & Mucina in prep.), suggests that the classes Saxifrago cernuae-Cochleariopsietea groenlandicae and the Matricario-Poetea arcticae Ishbirdin in Sumina 2012 do share some of the species pool, however they remain biogeographically and ecologically very distant. It is therefore the classification of the Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia groenlandicae Hadač 1989 within the latter class, as suggested by some authors, is not appropriate. (LM, JPT).

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