Order KC06 (ASP-06)

Onosmetalia frutescentis Quézel 1968

Thermo-mesomediterranean chasmophytic vegetation of limestone cliffs of the Southern Adriatic and Ionian seaboards

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Accepted name

Onosmetalia frutescentis Quézel 1968

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Onosmetalia frutescentis Quézel 1968



asp14 | The question of the identity of this order as well as the floristically (and geographically) related Centaureo-Campanuletalia and Asplenietalia glandulosi was reviewed by Dimopoulos et al. (1997) and later analysed by Terzi & D'Amico (2008). Yet these authors did not provide a syntaxonomic scheme for the thermo-mesomediterranean chasmophytic vegetation of the Adriatic and the Ionian seaboards. Di Pietro & Wagensommer's (2008: Tab. 5) demonstrated the strong floristic differences between the Centaureo-Campanuletalia (central and northern Adriatic seaboards) and Onosmetalia (southern Adriatic and Ionian seaboards). (RDP, LM).


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