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Festuco-Puccinellietea Soó ex Vicherek 1973

Saline steppes and secondary saline steppic grasslands of the continental regions of Europe

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Accepted name

Festuco-Puccinellietea Soó ex Vicherek 1973

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Festuco-Puccinellietea Soó ex Vicherek 1973



fep01 | The Festuco-Puccinellietea in our system comprises two groups of orders: (1) those characteristic of habitats with hypersaline (mainly solonetz) dry soils (the relict Puccinellietalia and Halo-Agropyretalia steppic Festuco-Limonietalia and the semi-desertic Artemisietalia pauciflorae), and (2) those typical of flooded, moist/wet (mainly solonchak) soils (Scorzonero-Juncetalia, Cirsietalia esculenti and Glycyrrhizetalia). The latter group matches the syntaxonomic concepts of the Scorzonero-Juncetea and Glycyrrhizetea, if we follow selected Russian and Ukrainian authors (Golub 1995 and Solomakha 2008; but see Golub 1997 and Dubyna et al. 2007). (L. Mucina).


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