Order CA02 (FAG-02)

Fagetalia sylvaticae Pawłowski 1928

Basiphilous beech and mixed fir-beech forests in the nemoral zone and in the montane belt of the submediterranean regions of temperate Europe

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Accepted name

Fagetalia sylvaticae Pawłowski 1928

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Fagetalia sylvaticae Pawłowski 1928



fag04 | The further subdivision of this order reflects the biogeographic differentiation and post-glacial history of European beech forests. However, the extensive splitting as proposed by some authors (e.g. Dierschke & Bohn 2004) is not supported by floristic evidence (see also the Remark for the Fagion sylvaticae). For the complex nomenclature of the name Fagetalia sylvaticae see Willner et al. (2015b). (W. Willner).


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