Class FR (DAP)

Daphno-Festucetea Quézel 1964

Xeric oromediterranean grasslands and cushion-tragacanthic scrub on calcareous and ultramafic substrates of the Hellenic mainland and the Aegean region

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Accepted name

Daphno-Festucetea Quézel 1964

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Daphno-Festucetea Quézel 1964



dap01 | Festuca varia (sensu lato) is reported to occur in Hellas (Strid & Kit Tan 1991: 753). F. varia Haenke in Jacq. is an endemic species of the Central Alps (Wallosek 1999). The taxon occurring in the Daphno-Festucetea vegetation is most probably (and in most cases) F. cyllenica Boiss. & Heldr. However, taxa such as F. graeca (Hack.) Markg.-Dann., F. penzesii (Acht.) Markg.-Dann. and F. kozanensis Foggi et al. might also occur here. Until the taxonomy of this taxonomically complex group stabilises, we prefer use of the class name in its current, uncorrected form. (E. Bergmeier, L. Mucina).


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