Order FR01 (DAP-01)

Daphno-Festucetalia Quézel 1964

Xeric oromediterranean grasslands and cushion-tragacanthic scrub on calcareous and ultramafic substrates of the Hellenic mainland and the Peloponissos

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Accepted name

Daphno-Festucetalia Quézel 1964

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Daphno-Festucetalia Quézel 1964



dap02 | The summit vegetation within the Astragalus angustifolius on the Aegean island of Lesvos could also be classified in the Daphno-Festucetalia. It is putatively similar to the Anatolian oromediterranean grasslands and might be considered a different alliance (or order). The oromediterranean grasslands and thorn cushion vegetation on Evvia (Euboea) should also belong to the Daphno-Festucetalia. (EB) See also nomenclatural Remark dap01. (LM).


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