Class YB (CYS)

Cystoseiretea Giaccone 1965

Photophytic marine macroalgal communities on hard substrates in the infralittoral and circalittoral zones of Atlantic and Mediterranean seashores

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Accepted name

Cystoseiretea Giaccone 1965

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Cystoseiretea Giaccone 1965



cys01 | Though Giaccone (1965: 34) used a syntaxonomical scheme without author names, he adopted the syntaxonomical scheme of Molinier (1960) with the bibliographical error of citing the work as 1959 (Giaccone 1965: 32). Modifications to the scheme of Molinier are attributed to the author (Giaccone 1965: 33). Thus of the Cystoseiretea, Cystoseiretalia and Cystoseirion, the latter two can be attributed to Molinier (1960), while the class is described by Giaccone (1965). (H. Bültmann).


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