Alliance UA01A (CHA-01A)

Charion intermediae Sauer 1937

Perennial submerged macroalgal stonewort swards in neutral to alkaline waters

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Accepted name

Charion intermediae Sauer 1937

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Charion intermediae Sauer 1937



cha09 | Sauer (1937: 432, 486) validly described the name 'Charion'. The original diagnosis of the alliance contains only one validly published association named 'Macrocharacetum'. In the relevés of the association Chara intermedia is the only species of the genus Chara. Therefore, it is possible to complete the name of the alliance with the specific epithet 'intermedia' according to ICPN 3 Rec. 10C. (HB, JPT).


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