Alliance UA01C (CHA-01C)

Charion canescentis Krausch 1964

Submerged macroalgal stonewort swards in brackish waters

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Accepted name

Charion canescentis Krausch 1964

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Charion canescentis Krausch 1964



cha14 | Krausch (1964) was the first to classify the stonewort communities of brackish waters at the alliance level. Although Fukarek (1961) used the name 'Charion' without authority and included associations of brackish water in the alliance, he referred explicitly in the text to the 'Charion Sauer 1937' and 'Charetalia Sauer 1937' (Fukarek 1961: 160-161). (HB, JPT).


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