Class FQ (GEN)

Carici-Genistetea lobelii Klein 1972

Cyrno-Sardean oromediterranean cushion-tragacanthic scrub and related grasslands

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Accepted name

Carici-Genistetea lobelii Klein 1972

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Carici-Genistetea lobelii Klein 1972



gen01 | Arrigoni (1986) extended this class by the addition of scrub occurring in the meso- and supra-mediterranean belts (900–1500 m) of Sardinia, and coined a new order for this vegetation, the Teucrio-Santolinetalia Arrigoni 1986. However, the alliances included in this order, namely the Armerio sardoae-Genistion salzmannii Arrigoni 1986 (siliceous substrates) and the Polygalo-Seslerion insularis Arrigoni ex Arrigoni et Di Tommaso 1986 (calcareous substrates) show more floristic (and ecological) links to the Lavanduletalia stoechadis (Cisto-Lavanduletea) and to the Rosmarinetalia (Rosmarinetea), respectively, rather than to the endemic-rich Carici-Genistetea and have been therefore excluded from the latter class and accommodated elsewhere. The content of this class is considered by Rivas-Martínez et al. (2011: 311) as a part of the Cisto-Lavanduletea but without submitting new evidence to support his claim. (LM).


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