Order PA01 (SCH-01)

Caricetalia davallianae Br.-Bl. 1950

Sedge-moss vegetation of calcareous and extremely mineral rich brown-moss fens of Eurasia

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Accepted name

Caricetalia davallianae Br.-Bl. 1950 nom. conserv. propos.

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Caricetalia davallianae Br.-Bl. 1950 nom. conserv. propos.



sch04 | The name 'Caricetalia Davallianae ord. nova' (recte: Caricetalia davallianae) was validly published in Braun-Blanquet (1949b). The original diagnosis of the name contains the two alliances 'Caricion bicoloris-atrofuscae Nordhagen 1936' and 'Caricion davallianae Klika 1934' with no bibliographical reference to Nordhagen (‘1936’, recte: 1937) and Klika (1934). However, the two associations 'Caricetum Davallianae (Br.-Bl.) W. Koch 1926 em.' and 'Schoenetum nigricantis W. Koch 1926' were indicated to belong to the 'Caricion davallianae' and there is a bibliographical reference to Koch (1926), where the Schoenetum nigricantis was validly described and where the Caricetum davallianae was mentioned with the reference to Dutoit (1924). Therefore, technically, Braun-Blanquet published the 'Caricion davallianae Klika ex Braun-Blanquet' that is a later homonym of Klika's name. The date of the name is 1950 because the bibliographical references were published only in Braun-Blanquet (1950) (ICPN art. 6). Therefore, the 'Caricion davallianae Klika ex Braun-Blanquet 1950' being validly published, the 'Caricetalia davallianae Braun-Blanquet 1950' is also validly published as a consequence. However, with the name Caricetalia davallianae Braun-Blanquet 1950, being a later syntaxonomic synonym of the Tofieldietalia Soó 1949, it is proposed to conserve it against the earlier name as it has been much more widely used than the less known Tofieldietalia. (JPT).


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