Alliance JC01A (CAK-01A)

Atriplicion littoralis Nordhagen 1940

Pioneer halo-nitrophilous vegetation of silty strandlines of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea

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Accepted name

Atriplicion littoralis Nordhagen 1940

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Atriplicion littoralis Nordhagen 1940



cak02 | Pignatti (1954: 50) used this syntaxonomic concept to accommodate two associations, namely the 'Matricario maritimae-Atriplicetum litoralis (Christ. 1933) Tx. 1950' and the 'Ass. A Kochia scoparia e Chenopodium ambrosioides Pign. 1953 provv.'. The latter is obviously invalid (ICPN art. 3b) and represents a ruderal community close to the Atriplicion Passarge 1978 (Sisymbrietalia). The former community is dominated by annuals and described from the Italian Adriatic coast and hence does not match the original concept of the Atriplicion littoralis sensu Nordhagen (1940) and Tüxen (1950). The Matricario-Atriplicetum littoralis is a community of the Mediterranean Euphorbion peplidis Tx. ex Oberd. 1952. (LM).


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