Alliance CS01A (MUL-01A)

Adenostylion alliariae Br.-Bl. 1926

Tall-herb vegetation on siliceous substrates at high altitudes in the nemoral zone of Europe

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Accepted name

Adenostylion alliariae Br.-Bl. 1926 nom. conserv. propos.

EuroVegChecklist name (Mucina et al. 2016)

Adenostylion alliariae Br.-Bl. 1926 nom. conserv. propos.



mul02 | The name Adenostylion alliariae (sensu Zlatník 1925) cannot apply here, because in the original diagnosis Zlatník (l.c.) it included two associations, the Athyrietum alpestris and the Calamagrostietum arundinaceae. Therefore the name Adenostylion alliariae Zlatník 1925 could be applied as the oldest name of either the Calamagrostion arundinaceae or the Dryopterido-Athyrion. For the sake of nomenclatural stability, we suggest rejecting the Adenostylion alliariae Zlatník 1925 as a nomen ambiguum. In this regard the suggestion to preserve the Adenostylion alliariae Br.-Bl. 1926 as nomen conservandum was already made by Kočí in Chytrý (2007: 115). (KD, MC, LM).


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