Alliance FA04I (QUI-04I)

Asparago orientalis-Juniperion macrocarpae (Díez Garretas et Asensi 2014) Mucina in Mucina et al. 2016

Thermomediterranean juniper scrub of the coastal dune systems of the Central and Eastern Mediterranean seaboards

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verified occurrence (including highly probable occurrence)
uncertain occurrence
Azores (AZ), Madeira (MD), Canary Islands (CN), Greenland (GL) and Svalbard (SV) are shown as circles in the margin of the maps. The Faroe Islands and Malta are shown as circles at their actual positions. For alliances restricted to coastal habitats, only the coastline is shown (or an open circle for the islands and archipelagos represented by circles).
Preislerová et al. (2022) Distribution maps of vegetation alliances in Europe. Applied Vegetation Science, 25, e12642.
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