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Subordinate taxa

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Silene colorata aggr. Silene italica aggr. Silene nocturna aggr. Silene otites aggr. Silene abietum Silene acaulis Silene adelphiae Silene aegaea Silene aegyptiaca Silene aellenii Silene akmaniana Silene alexandrina Silene alexeji Silene almolae Silene alpestris Silene altaica Silene ammophila Silene ampullata Silene anatolica Silene andryalifolia Silene antirrhina Silene antri-jovis Silene apetala Silene arabica Silene araratica Silene arenarioides Silene arenosa Silene argaea Silene argentea Silene argillosa Silene arguta Silene aristidis Silene armena Silene arsuzensis Silene articulata Silene astartes Silene asterias Silene astrachanica Silene atlantica Silene atropurpurea Silene auriculata Silene auriculifolia Silene ayachica Silene aydosensis Silene azirensis Silene baccifera Silene balansae Silene barbara Silene barbeyana Silene barrattei Silene baschkirorum Silene bayburtensis Silene behen Silene bellidifolia Silene berthelotiana Silene biappendiculata Silene bilgilii Silene birandiana Silene bitlisensis Silene bolanthoides Silene borderei Silene bornmuelleri Silene boryi Silene borysthenica Silene boullui Silene bourgeaui Silene brevicalyx Silene brevicaulis Silene brotheriana Silene bupleuroides Silene burchellii Silene caesarea Silene caesia Silene caliacrae Silene cambessedesii Silene campanula Silene canariensis Silene capillipes Silene capitellata Silene caramanica Silene cariensis Silene cartilaginea Silene caryophylloides Silene catholica Silene caucasica Silene cephalantha Silene cephallenia Silene ciliata Silene cinerea Silene cirpicii Silene cirtensis Silene claryi Silene coelirosa Silene colpophylla Silene commelinifolia Silene compacta Silene confertiflora Silene congesta Silene conglomeratica Silene conica Silene coniflora Silene conoidea Silene cordifolia Silene corinthiaca Silene coronaria Silene corrugata Silene crassipes Silene crassiuscula Silene cretacea Silene cretica Silene cryptoneura Silene csereii Silene cuatrecasasii Silene cyrenaica Silene cyri Silene cythnia Silene daghestanica Silene damascena Silene damboldtiana Silene delicatula Silene demirizii Silene densiflora Silene depressa Silene dianthoides Silene diclinis Silene dichotoma Silene dinarica Silene dioica Silene dirphya Silene discolor Silene dissecta Silene disticha Silene diversifolia Silene doganii Silene donetzica Silene dumanii Silene duralii Silene dyris Silene echinata Silene echinosperma Silene echinospermoides Silene elisabethae Silene erciyesdaghensis Silene eremitica Silene erimicana Silene ermenekensis Silene ertekinii Silene euxina Silene exaltata Silene fabaria Silene fabarioides Silene falcata Silene fenzlii Silene fernandezii Silene fetleri Silene filipetala Silene flavescens Silene flos-cuculi Silene flos-jovis Silene foetida Silene fraudatrix Silene frivaldszkyana Silene fruticosa Silene fuscata Silene gaditana Silene galatea Silene gallica Silene gallinyi Silene gemmata Silene germana Silene gevasica Silene ghiarensis Silene gigantea Silene glaberrima Silene glabrescens Silene goksuensis Silene goulimyi Silene gracilis Silene graeca Silene graminifolia Silene grisea Silene grisebachii Silene guinetii Silene hamzaoglui Silene haradjianii Silene haussknechtii Silene heldreichii Silene hellmannii Silene heterodonta Silene heuffelii Silene hicesiae Silene hifacensis Silene holzmannii Silene humilis Silene hussonii Silene chaetodonta Silene chalcedonica Silene chersonensis Silene chlorantha Silene chlorifolia Silene choulettii Silene chustupica Silene iberica Silene ibosii Silene idaea Silene imbricata Silene inaperta Silene inclinata Silene insularis Silene integripetala Silene intricata Silene involucrata Silene ionica Silene isaurica Silene ismailitica Silene ispartensis Silene jailensis Silene kemahensis Silene konuralpii Silene kotschyi Silene kremeri Silene kucukodukii Silene lacera Silene laconica Silene laeta Silene laevigata Silene lagrangei Silene lagunensis Silene lasiantha Silene latifolia Silene laxa Silene lazica Silene legionensis Silene lenkoranica Silene leptoclada Silene lerchenfeldiana Silene leucophylla Silene libanotica Silene linearifolia Silene linearis Silene linicola Silene linoides Silene littorea Silene lituanica Silene longicilia Silene longipetala Silene lucida Silene lycaonica Silene lydia Silene lychnidea Silene lynesii Silene macrantha Silene macrodonta Silene maeotica Silene magenta Silene makmeliana Silene manissadjianii Silene marcowiczii Silene marginata Silene mariana Silene marizii Silene marmarica Silene marschallii Silene martyi Silene maurorum Silene media Silene mekinensis Silene melikjanii Silene melitensis Silene mellifera Silene melzheimeri Silene mentagensis Silene mesatlantica Silene meyeri Silene micropetala Silene miksensis Silene minae Silene mirabilis Silene moldavica Silene mollissima Silene montbretiana Silene multicaulis Silene multifida Silene multiflora Silene muradica Silene muscipula Silene nefelites Silene nemrutensis Silene nerimaniae Silene niceensis Silene niederi Silene nivalis Silene nocteolens Silene noctiflora Silene nodulosa Silene nuncupanda Silene nutabunda Silene nutans Silene obtusifolia Silene odontopetala Silene oligantha Silene oligotricha Silene olympica Silene orbelica Silene oreades Silene oreophila Silene oreosinaica Silene oropediorum Silene orphanidis Silene oxyodonta Silene ozyurtii Silene paeoniensis Silene palaestina Silene paphlagonica Silene papillosa Silene paradoxa Silene parnassica Silene patula Silene paucifolia Silene peduncularis Silene peloritana Silene pendula Silene pentelica Silene pharnaceifolia Silene phrygia Silene physalodes Silene physocalyx Silene pinetorum Silene pomelii Silene pompeiopolitana Silene portensis Silene prilepensis Silene prilipkoana Silene procumbens Silene propinqua Silene prostrata Silene psammitis Silene pseudoatocion Silene pseudobehen Silene pseudovestita Silene pungens Silene pygmaea Silene quadridentata Silene quadrifida Silene raddeana Silene radicosa Silene ramosissima Silene reichenbachii Silene reinwardtii Silene repens Silene requienii Silene reticulata Silene retzdorffiana Silene reuteriana Silene reverchonii Silene rhiphaena Silene rhynchocarpa Silene roemeri Silene roopiana Silene rosulata Silene rothmaleri Silene rouyana Silene rubella Silene ruprechtii Silene ruscifolia Silene sabinosae Silene salamandra Silene salsuginea Silene saltzmannii Silene samia Silene samothracica Silene sangaria Silene sartorii Silene saxatilis Silene saxifraga Silene scabrida Silene scabriflora Silene sclerocarpa Silene sclerophylla Silene scythicina Silene secundiflora Silene sedoides Silene sefidiana Silene sendtneri Silene sennenii Silene sericea Silene sessionis Silene schimperiana Silene schlumbergeri Silene schmuckeri Silene schwarzenbergeri Silene sibirica Silene siderophila Silene sieberi Silene sisianica Silene skorpilii Silene solenantha Silene sordida Silene spinescens Silene splendens Silene squamigera Silene stenobotrys Silene stockenii Silene striata Silene stricta Silene subconica Silene subintegra Silene succulenta Silene suecica Silene suffrutescens Silene sumbuliana Silene supina Silene surculosa Silene swertiifolia Silene syreistschikowii Silene sytnikii Silene taliewii Silene talyschensis Silene tatarica Silene tatianae Silene telavivensis Silene thirkeana Silene thymifolia Silene tomentosa Silene tommasinii Silene tridentata Silene tubicalyx Silene tunetana Silene tunicoides Silene turbinata Silene tyrrhenia Silene ungeri Silene uniflora Silene uralensis Silene urvillei Silene uscata Silene vallesia Silene variegata Silene velebitica Silene velutina Silene velutinoides Silene vidaliana Silene villosa Silene virescens Silene viridiflora Silene viscaria Silene viscariopsis Silene viscosa Silene vivianii Silene volubilitana Silene vulgaris Silene waldsteinii Silene wallichiana Silene yildirimlii Silene zawadzkii Silene arghireica Silene beguinotii Silene calabra Silene cattariniana Silene cognata Silene gazulensis Silene christodouloui-zarkosii Silene ichnusae Silene jeniseensis Silene kubanensis Silene martinolii Silene notarisii Silene nummica Silene oenotriae Silene petrarchae Silene pichiana Silene samarkandensis Silene sorensenis Silene valsecchiae Silene x hampeana Silene x montistellensis
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