Subordinate taxa

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Carex buxbaumii aggr. Carex digitata aggr. Carex flava aggr. Carex muricata aggr. Carex praecox aggr. Carex vulpina aggr. Carex acuta Carex acutiformis Carex adelostoma Carex alba Carex amgunensis Carex appropinquata Carex aquatilis Carex arctogena Carex arenaria Carex arnellii Carex asturica Carex atherodes Carex atrata Carex atrofusca Carex australpina Carex baldensis Carex bebbii Carex bicolor Carex bigelowii Carex binervis Carex bohemica Carex brachystachys Carex brevicollis Carex brunnescens Carex buekii Carex buchananii Carex bulgarica Carex camposii Carex canariensis Carex canescens Carex capillaris Carex capitata Carex capitellata Carex caryophyllea Carex castroviejoi Carex caucasica Carex caudata Carex cespitosa Carex cilicica Carex colchica Carex crawfordii Carex cretica Carex curvula Carex cyprica Carex davalliana Carex debilis Carex depauperata Carex depressa Carex diandra Carex diluta Carex dioica Carex disperma Carex distachya Carex distans Carex disticha Carex divisa Carex durieui Carex echinata Carex elata Carex elongata Carex enervis Carex ericetorum Carex eriocarpa Carex extensa Carex ferruginea Carex filiformis Carex fimbriata Carex firma Carex fissirostris Carex flacca Carex foetida Carex frigida Carex fritschii Carex fuliginosa Carex furva Carex glacialis Carex glareosa Carex globularis Carex grioletii Carex halleriana Carex halophila Carex heleonastes Carex helodes Carex hirta Carex hispida Carex hochstetterana Carex holostoma Carex hordeistichos Carex hostiana Carex humilis Carex hypaneura Carex chordorrhiza Carex idaea Carex illegitima Carex inversa Carex iraquensis Carex kitaibeliana Carex krausei Carex kurdica Carex laevigata Carex lachenalii Carex lainzii Carex lapponica Carex lasiocarpa Carex laxa Carex ledebouriana Carex leporina Carex limosa Carex liparocarpos Carex livida Carex loliacea Carex longibrachiata Carex lowei Carex lucennoiberica Carex lyngbyei Carex mabilliana Carex mackenziei Carex macloviana Carex macrolepis Carex macrostachys Carex macrostyla Carex magellanica Carex mairei Carex marina Carex maritima Carex markgrafii Carex melananthiformis Carex melanocarpa Carex melanorrhyncha Carex melanostachya Carex microcarpa Carex microglochin Carex micropodioides Carex michelii Carex mingrelica Carex mollissima Carex montana Carex mucronata Carex muskingumensis Carex nardina Carex nigra Carex norvegica Carex obtusata Carex oedipostyla Carex olbiensis Carex oligantha Carex orbicularis Carex oreophila Carex ornithopoda Carex pachystylis Carex paleacea Carex pallescens Carex panicea Carex paniculata Carex panormitana Carex parallela Carex parviflora Carex pauciflora Carex paulo-vargasii Carex pediformis Carex pendula Carex peregrina Carex perraudieriana Carex phyllostachys Carex physodes Carex pilosa Carex pilulifera Carex pontica Carex praticola Carex pseudocyperus Carex pulicaris Carex punctata Carex pyrenaica Carex randalpina Carex rariflora Carex recta Carex reichenbachii Carex remota Carex repens Carex reuteriana Carex rhynchophysa Carex riloensis Carex riparia Carex rorulenta Carex rostrata Carex rotundata Carex rufina Carex rupestris Carex salina Carex saxatilis Carex scirpoidea Carex scoparia Carex secalina Carex secta Carex sempervirens Carex songorica Carex stenolepis Carex stenophylla Carex straminea Carex strigosa Carex stylosa Carex subspathacea Carex supina Carex sylvatica Carex tenuiflora Carex tribuloides Carex tricolor Carex trinervis Carex tristis Carex troodi Carex umbrosa Carex ursina Carex vaginata Carex vesicaria Carex viridula Carex vulcani Carex vulpinoidea Carex williamsii Carex grayi Carex x vratislaviensis
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