Subordinate taxa

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Vicia cracca aggr. Vicia abbreviata Vicia alpestris Vicia altissima Vicia anatolica Vicia argentea Vicia articulata Vicia austroccidentalis Vicia balansae Vicia barbazitae Vicia benghalensis Vicia biennis Vicia bithynica Vicia canescens Vicia cappadocica Vicia capreolata Vicia cassia Vicia cassubica Vicia cedretorum Vicia ciceroidea Vicia ciliatula Vicia costae Vicia cretica Vicia crocea Vicia cuspidata Vicia cypria Vicia delmasii Vicia disperma Vicia dumetorum Vicia durandii Vicia eristalioides Vicia ervilia Vicia faba Vicia fairchildiana Vicia ferreirensis Vicia filicaulis Vicia fulgens Vicia galilaea Vicia glauca Vicia grandiflora Vicia hirsuta Vicia hololasia Vicia hyaeniscyamus Vicia hybrida Vicia hyrcanica Vicia iberica Vicia janeae Vicia johannis Vicia kalakhensis Vicia larissae Vicia lathyroides Vicia lecomtei Vicia leucantha Vicia loiseleurii Vicia lutea Vicia megalotropis Vicia melanops Vicia michauxii Vicia mollis Vicia monantha Vicia monardii Vicia montbretii Vicia montenegrina Vicia multicaulis Vicia multicolorans Vicia murbeckii Vicia narbonensis Vicia noeana Vicia ochroleuca Vicia onobrychioides Vicia oroboides Vicia orobus Vicia palaestina Vicia pannonica Vicia parviflora Vicia pectinata Vicia peregrina Vicia pinetorum Vicia pisiformis Vicia pubescens Vicia pyrenaica Vicia raynaudii Vicia sativa Vicia semiglabra Vicia sepium Vicia serinica Vicia serratifolia Vicia sibthorpii Vicia sicula Vicia sosnowskyi Vicia sparsiflora Vicia splendens Vicia suberviformis Vicia sylvatica Vicia tetrasperma Vicia vicioides Vicia villosa Vicia voggenreiteriana Vicia vulcanorum Vicia amoena Vicia cirrhosa Vicia cusnae Vicia freyniana Vicia giacominiana Vicia lunata Vicia nataliae Vicia ramuliflora Vicia scandens Vicia sericocarpa
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