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Subordinate taxa

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Oenothera biennis aggr. Oenothera acerviphila Oenothera acutifolia Oenothera adriatica Oenothera affinis Oenothera albipercurva Oenothera ammophila Oenothera angustissima Oenothera atrovirens Oenothera braunii Oenothera brevispicata Oenothera bulgarica Oenothera cambrica Oenothera canovirens Oenothera carinthiaca Oenothera casimiri Oenothera clavifera Oenothera coloratissima Oenothera compacta Oenothera coronifera Oenothera cruciata Oenothera deflexa Oenothera depressa Oenothera drawertii Oenothera drummondii Oenothera editicaulis Oenothera elata Oenothera ersteinensis Oenothera fallacoides Oenothera fallax Oenothera flaemingina Oenothera flava Oenothera fruticosa Oenothera gaura Oenothera glazioviana Oenothera hazelae Oenothera hirsutissima Oenothera hoelscheri Oenothera inconspecta Oenothera indecora Oenothera indivisa Oenothera issleri Oenothera italica Oenothera jamesii Oenothera jueterbogensis Oenothera laciniata Oenothera latipetala Oenothera ligerica Oenothera lindheimeri Oenothera longiflora Oenothera macrocarpa Oenothera macrosperma Oenothera marinellae Oenothera mediomarchica Oenothera missouriensis Oenothera mollis Oenothera moravica Oenothera nuda Oenothera oakesiana Oenothera obscurifolia Oenothera octolineata Oenothera odorata Oenothera oehlkersii Oenothera paradoxa Oenothera parodiana Oenothera parviflora Oenothera pedemontana Oenothera pellegrinii Oenothera perangusta Oenothera perennis Oenothera pripjatiensis Oenothera pseudocernua Oenothera pseudochicaginensis Oenothera punctulata Oenothera pycnocarpa Oenothera pyramidiflora Oenothera rosea Oenothera royfraseri Oenothera rubricalyx Oenothera rubricaulis Oenothera rubricauloides Oenothera scandinavica Oenothera sesitensis Oenothera sinuosa Oenothera speciosa Oenothera stricta Oenothera strigosa Oenothera stucchii Oenothera suaveolens Oenothera subterminalis Oenothera tacikii Oenothera tetraptera Oenothera victorinii Oenothera villosa Oenothera wienii Oenothera wratislaviensis Oenothera biennis x cambrica Oenothera britannica
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