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Subordinate taxa

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Geranium sylvaticum aggr. Geranium aequale Geranium albanum Geranium albiflorum Geranium alboroseum Geranium arabicum Geranium argenteum Geranium aristatum Geranium asphodeloides Geranium atlanticum Geranium austroapenninum Geranium bicknellii Geranium biuncinatum Geranium bohemicum Geranium carolinianum Geranium cataractarum Geranium cazorlense Geranium cinereum Geranium collinum Geranium columbinum Geranium core-core Geranium crenophilum Geranium dalmaticum Geranium dissectum Geranium divaricatum Geranium dolomiticum Geranium eginense Geranium endressii Geranium favosum Geranium glaberrimum Geranium gracile Geranium gymnocaulon Geranium ibericum Geranium igoschinae Geranium kurdicum Geranium lanuginosum Geranium lasiopus Geranium lazicum Geranium libani Geranium libanoticum Geranium linearilobum Geranium lucidum Geranium macrorrhizum Geranium macrostylum Geranium maderense Geranium makmelicum Geranium malviflorum Geranium molle Geranium nanum Geranium nepalense Geranium nodosum Geranium palmatipartitum Geranium palmatum Geranium palustre Geranium peloponnesiacum Geranium petri-davisii Geranium phaeum Geranium platypetalum Geranium ponticum Geranium pratense Geranium pseudosibiricum Geranium psilostemon Geranium purpureum Geranium pusillum Geranium pyrenaicum Geranium reflexum Geranium renardii Geranium reuteri Geranium robertianum Geranium rotundifolium Geranium ruprechtii Geranium sanguineum Geranium schrenkianum Geranium sibiricum Geranium sintenisii Geranium subacutum Geranium subargenteum Geranium subcaulescens Geranium texanum Geranium thessalum Geranium thunbergii Geranium trilophum Geranium tuberosum Geranium urbanum Geranium versicolor Geranium wilfordii Geranium yeoi Geranium himalayense Geranium x magnificum Geranium x monacense Geranium x oxonianum
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