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Subordinate taxa

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Cotoneaster horizontalis aggr. Cotoneaster microphyllus aggr. Cotoneaster acuminatus Cotoneaster anatolii Cotoneaster antoninae Cotoneaster armenus Cotoneaster atlanticus Cotoneaster browiczii Cotoneaster bullatus Cotoneaster cambricus Cotoneaster cinnabarinus Cotoneaster creticus Cotoneaster dammeri Cotoneaster delphinensis Cotoneaster dielsianus Cotoneaster divaricatus Cotoneaster favargeri Cotoneaster franchetii Cotoneaster frigidus Cotoneaster granatensis Cotoneaster hajastanicus Cotoneaster integerrimus Cotoneaster integrifolius Cotoneaster juranus Cotoneaster kullensis Cotoneaster lacteus Cotoneaster laetevirens Cotoneaster laxiflorus Cotoneaster lucidus Cotoneaster majoricensis Cotoneaster meyeri Cotoneaster morulus Cotoneaster moupinensis Cotoneaster multiflorus Cotoneaster nebrodensis Cotoneaster nummularius Cotoneaster orbicularis Cotoneaster pannosus Cotoneaster parnassicus Cotoneaster przewalskii Cotoneaster pyrenaicus Cotoneaster raboutensis Cotoneaster racemiflorus Cotoneaster rehderi Cotoneaster salicifolius Cotoneaster saxatilis Cotoneaster simonsii Cotoneaster sternianus Cotoneaster tauricus Cotoneaster tomentosus Cotoneaster transcaucasicus Cotoneaster villosulus Cotoneaster zangezuricus Cotoneaster acutifolius Cotoneaster adpressus Cotoneaster affinis Cotoneaster alatavicus Cotoneaster ambiguus Cotoneaster apiculatus Cotoneaster cooperi Cotoneaster coriaceus Cotoneaster dammeri x salicifolius Cotoneaster ellipticus Cotoneaster goloskokovii Cotoneaster hebephyllus Cotoneaster hissaricus Cotoneaster ignavus Cotoneaster ignotus Cotoneaster insculptus Cotoneaster insignis Cotoneaster karatavicus Cotoneaster krasnovii Cotoneaster megalocarpus Cotoneaster mongolicus Cotoneaster neoantoninae Cotoneaster nitens Cotoneaster nitidus Cotoneaster nummularioides Cotoneaster obscurus Cotoneaster ovatus Cotoneaster polyanthemus Cotoneaster popovii Cotoneaster roborowskii Cotoneaster roseus Cotoneaster soongoricus Cotoneaster subacutus Cotoneaster submultiflorus Cotoneaster talgaricus Cotoneaster tjuliniae Cotoneaster tomentellus Cotoneaster turcomanicus Cotoneaster tytthocarpus Cotoneaster x intermedius Cotoneaster x matrensis Cotoneaster x suecicus Cotoneaster x watereri Cotoneaster zabelii Cotoneaster zeravschanicus
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