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Subordinate taxa

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Armeria alboi Armeria alliacea Armeria alpina Armeria alpinifolia Armeria ambifaria Armeria arctica Armeria arcuata Armeria arenaria Armeria aspromontana Armeria atlantica Armeria beirana Armeria belgenciensis Armeria berlengensis Armeria bigerrensis Armeria bourgaei Armeria brutia Armeria caballeroi Armeria caespitosa Armeria canescens Armeria cantabrica Armeria cariensis Armeria carpetana Armeria castellana Armeria castrovalnerana Armeria castroviejoi Armeria ciliata Armeria colorata Armeria denticulata Armeria duriaei Armeria duriensis Armeria ebracteata Armeria eriophylla Armeria euscadiensis Armeria filicaulis Armeria fontqueri Armeria gaditana Armeria genesiana Armeria girardii Armeria helodes Armeria hirta Armeria hispalensis Armeria humilis Armeria choulettiana Armeria icarica Armeria johnsenii Armeria juncea Armeria langei Armeria leucocephala Armeria linkiana Armeria littoralis Armeria macrophylla Armeria macropoda Armeria maderensis Armeria malacitana Armeria malinvaudii Armeria marginata Armeria maritima Armeria masguindalii Armeria mauritanica Armeria merinoi Armeria morisii Armeria muelleri Armeria multiceps Armeria pauana Armeria pinifolia Armeria platyphylla Armeria pocutica Armeria pseudarmeria Armeria pubigera Armeria pungens Armeria quichiotis Armeria rivasmartinezii Armeria rothmaleri Armeria rouyana Armeria rumelica Armeria ruscinonensis Armeria salmantica Armeria sampaioi Armeria sancta Armeria sardoa Armeria saviana Armeria seticeps Armeria simplex Armeria soleirolii Armeria spinulosa Armeria splendens Armeria sulcitana Armeria tingitana Armeria trachyphylla Armeria transmontana Armeria trianoi Armeria trojana Armeria undulata Armeria vandasii Armeria velutina Armeria villosa Armeria welwitschii
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