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Subordinate taxa

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Achillea millefolium aggr. Achillea abrotanoides Achillea absinthoides Achillea adeniae Achillea aegyptiaca Achillea ageratifolia Achillea ageratum Achillea aleppica Achillea alexandri-regis Achillea ambrosiaca Achillea arabica Achillea armenorum Achillea atrata Achillea baldaccii Achillea baltae Achillea barbeyana Achillea barrelieri Achillea biserrata Achillea boissieri Achillea brachyphylla Achillea cappadocica Achillea clavennae Achillea clusiana Achillea clypeolata Achillea coarctata Achillea conferta Achillea cretica Achillea crithmifolia Achillea cucullata Achillea cuneatiloba Achillea erba-rotta Achillea falcata Achillea filipendulina Achillea formosa Achillea fraasii Achillea fragrantissima Achillea glaberrima Achillea goniocephala Achillea grandifolia Achillea gypsicola Achillea hamzaoglui Achillea holosericea Achillea horanszkyi Achillea chamaemelifolia Achillea chrysocoma Achillea impatiens Achillea ketenoglui Achillea kotschyi Achillea latiloba Achillea leptophylla Achillea ligustica Achillea lingulata Achillea lycaonica Achillea macrophylla Achillea magnifica Achillea maritima Achillea maura Achillea membranacea Achillea micrantha Achillea micranthoides Achillea milliana Achillea monocephala Achillea multifida Achillea nana Achillea nobilis Achillea occulta Achillea odorata Achillea ochroleuca Achillea oligocephala Achillea oxyloba Achillea phrygia Achillea pindicola Achillea pseudoaleppica Achillea pseudopectinata Achillea ptarmica Achillea ptarmicifolia Achillea rupestris Achillea salicifolia Achillea santolinoides Achillea sedelmeyeriana Achillea schischkinii Achillea sieheana Achillea sintenisii Achillea sipikorensis Achillea sivasica Achillea spinulifolia Achillea taygetea Achillea tenuifolia Achillea teretifolia Achillea thracica Achillea tomentosa Achillea umbellata Achillea vermicularis Achillea virescens Achillea atrata x clavennae Achillea aucheri Achillea distans x millefolium Achillea impatiens x ptarmica Achillea macrophylla x ptarmica
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