S21 Subarctic and alpine dwarf Salix scrub

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Salix-dominated dwarf scrub, often with abundant bryophytes and lichens, on skeletal calcareous or siliceous soils in late snow beds with a short growing-season, occurring in the Arctic and subarctic zones and in the high mountains of temperate Europe, increasingly local and fragmentary to the south.
Remark: This habitat also occurs in the Arctic zone (e.g. Svalbard), which is not reflected in its current name.

Chytrý M., Tichý L., Hennekens S.M., Knollová I., Janssen J.A.M., Rodwell J.S. … Schaminée J.H.J. (2020) EUNIS Habitat Classification: expert system, characteristic species combinations and distribution maps of European habitats. Applied Vegetation Science 23: 648–675. https://doi.org/10.1111/avsc.12519

Version 2021-06-01, https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4812736.

For the official presentation of the EUNIS Habitat Classification from the European Environment Agency, please see: EUNIS Terrestrial Habitat Classification 2021. The FloraVeg.EU presentation may show modifications and partial updates to the habitat classification.

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