N22 Mediterranean and Black Sea coastal shingle beach

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Shingle and cobble beaches formed on dynamic coasts around the Mediterranean and Black Seas, where waves, mostly in winter, weather cliffs and redeposit the eroded material. Mixed with shells and decaying algae and sea grass washed ashore, it provides a nitrogen-rich surface for patchy and sporadic colonisation by annuals and some perennials, also sometimes weedy assemblages. Though widespread, its stands are narrow and localised and highly vulnerable to tourist recreation and coastal development.

Chytrý M., Tichý L., Hennekens S.M., Knollová I., Janssen J.A.M., Rodwell J.S. … Schaminée J.H.J. (2020) EUNIS Habitat Classification: expert system, characteristic species combinations and distribution maps of European habitats. Applied Vegetation Science 23: 648–675. https://doi.org/10.1111/avsc.12519

Version 2021-06-01, https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4812736.

For the official presentation of the EUNIS Habitat Classification from the European Environment Agency, please see: EUNIS Terrestrial Habitat Classification 2021. The FloraVeg.EU presentation may show modifications and partial updates to the habitat classification.

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