Class AE (COC)

Saxifrago cernuae-Cochlearietea groenlandicae Mucina et Daniëls in Mucina et al. 2016

Vegetation of open grassy tundra disturbed by zoo-anthropogenic activities and cryoturbation in Svalbard and Greenland

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coc01 | Here we formally describe this new class by assigning the Phippsio-Cochleariopsietalia groenlandicae (Hadač 1989: 165−167) as the holotypus (hoc loco) of the class. This class unites vegetation disturbed (especially by anthropogenic and zoogenic influence) habitats of the arctic zone of the Palearctis. Its ecology, distribution, and delimitations towards other arctic vegetation classes will be handled elsewhere. The diagnostic taxa of the new class are: Cerastium arcticum, Cochlearia groenlandica, Draba alpina, D. corymbosa, Luzula confusa, Papaver radicatum, Phippsia algida subsp. concinna, Potentilla hyparctica, Saxifraga cernua, S. cespitosa, S. flagellaris, S. oppositifolia subsp. oppositifolia, S. rivularis, Stellaria crassipes, Poa alpina and Puccinellia angustata. For other species see the profile of the class in the EuroVegBrowser accompanying this paper. (LM, FD).

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